Jacobs Bay and the Seven small bays

Jacobsbaai / Jacobs Bay

We all need a special place in our lives that will inspire and allow us to restore our very essence and wellbeing. For some it may be the cities with its pulsating nightlife which make them feel alive. Others might find that the ocean, majestic mountains with rambling rivers, beautiful campsites close to nature, bring about the restoration they require.
Personally…I love it all. I love the West Coast with the familiar sights and sounds of the quant fishing villages The warmth of the local people that make their living from the sea is always a joy. The locals are most sincere in their love for the ocean, their people and their surroundings. It is as REAL as it gets!
Jacobsbaai / Jacobs Bay is situated on the R45 between Saldanha & Vredenburg on the West Coast. Some people are unaware of Jacobsbay as they drive past to Velddrif or Paternoster 140km from Cape Town on the R27.

the Jewel

However, once they have discovered the Jewel they tend to return over and over again. This makes for an ideal weekend get-away. The village used to be a working farm, founded as a small town on the farmland registered as 109 Jacobsbaai. The name is said to have evolved from the Frenchman Jacques Titius. Jacques was a colonial trader in the West Coast. Tietiesbaai, which lies adjacent to Paternoster is also named after him and Jacobsbaai has a street called Titius. Another explanation for the name is that the English king entrusted the piece of land to a local known as „Jacob.‟
Whichever you prefer to believe is of no importance as the most important is that you come and visit and explore the village of Jacobsbaai. We look forward to seeing you.

Jacobs Bay and the Seven little Bays

Guests who would like to explore the West Coast, find Jacobs Bay to be ideal due to its proximity to other fishing villages that are within 8—45km driving radius. Guests find it enjoyable that they are still able to go on safe walks or to Cycle within the village. The air is pure and rejuvenating.
Using Jacobs Bay as a base from which to esplore is ideal as visitors to the area are able to visit a multitude of little towns during a day trip and explore fairly wide without having to drive hundreds of Km‟s. Within a two hour drive radius guests can visit all the surrounding towns, explore all day…and still be home be-fore dark. For the lazy days, guests can just relax at the Guest House, read a book from the library, do a craft project (on sale within the Guest House), laze on the deck, enjoy walking or following the hiking trail. Keen cyclers can explore the village, or stop off for coffee and cake at Kontrei Keffie…the local coffee & craft shop. Alternately, go and have a drink and dinner at Oppiestoep Restaurant
where you will enjoy the best Sea food and Venison on the West Coast. Enjoy a Sundowner at Weskus Plek the quant little hotel close to the Hospital Bay. Buy a gift to take home from Wilde Magrietjie or a small little fishing net for kiddies to fish in the little Bay. The beach area is beautiful and not crowded over December as with other surrounding villages.
Jacobsbaai actually has seven little bays each with its own unique attraction. Fisherman enjoy fishing and all enjoy the bounty from the ocean when it is Crayfish season or Snoek and Bokkom seasons. Please make sure that you have the correct Permit. This is obtainable at the Post Office.

The seven little bays

  1. Kwaaibaai is popular amongst surfers, and are renowned for diving, fishing and crayfishing. The fishermen find it easy to launch their small boats from here.
  2. Smalbaai is popular with Fishermen as well as Oystercatchers and Cormorants sunning on the rocks and ideal for launching small boats.
  3. Mauritzbaai, or more popularly known as “Moerie se baai” can be awash with hundreds of Terns roosting on the rocks in the shallow waters. Locals launch their boats and Kayaks from here with ease. If it is your lucky day you might encounter dolphins which are always in the area.
  4. Hospital Bay is ideal for swimming and has a lovely sandy bay where people en-joy sunning themselves. The bay derived its unusual name from the 1800s when ships dropped off their sick to be quarantined here before reaching Cape Town. This was also the spot where the “Margaret Barge” ran aground in June 2009 . Read more about that in another blog dedicated to the Margaret.
  5. Toothrock is ideal for crayfish diving as long as you have a permit.
  6. Bamboesbaai is also ideal for Crayfishing, fishing and just to enjoy the beauty of the little bay.
  7. Jacobs Bay forms the overall Bay in the village and encapsulates the other lit-tle bays. Divers – enjoy diving to the wrecks that have run aground in the ar-ea, however it is advised due to the treacherous currents to best make use of a guide diver that will take you to all these wreck sites. This can be arranged at a cost.