This is healing through awareness of self.
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For those of you who do not know me yet, I’m Cilla Meintjes, an experienced wellness therapist and trauma counsellor.

I offer online therapy sessions for individuals and/or groups with issues such as substance abuse, marital stress, couples’ discord, depression, panic attacks, grief, work-related problems, etc.

My aim has always been to create an environment for my clients that is free from any judgment and will always provide hope for a healthy mind and a brighter future.

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Why I do what I do

We all want the same thing in life and that is to be acknowledged for who we are and to be accepted and respected for that which we bring to the table. It is a basic need of all people. People become physically ill because they do not deal with trauma that happened in their lives and do not realise that their history forms part of the physical illness. Covid-19 has opened a can of worms and people are stressed beyond the understanding of most. They are losing hope and so depression soars and suicide becomes the way out. I have been a counselling for 29 years face to face sessions and at companies where we did group therapy to assist stressful employees. Covid-19 has forced me to go online so that I am able to counsel people all over the world. I want to see people healed from inner turmoil and assist them in a path of healing so that they may live joyful lives and have happy families even during this time of Covid-19.

My background is mainly in Human Resources where I consulted for large companies on mass recruitment and Retrenchment projects. During that time, I was invited to assist in a large mining group in Tanzania to assist with Conflict Management between Unions (Swahili staff) and Mining Management (Expats from around the world).

During that time, I realized that most of the problems occurred through the lack of understanding and not being heard. Management and staff had vast communication problems due to the lack of “not listening” to each other and just assuming. The ripple effect was disrespect, a stressful working environment, ignorance of the problems and a resentment to change. The company became ill which led to people losing their jobs as the companies eventually closed.


“Early in my life, I have learnt that no matter who or what you are, you are bound to need the assistance of someone to face obstacles in your life.
Now, it so happens that I, the author of this referral, am a qualified Psychiatric Social Worker, though retired but have had my share of dealing with problems extraordinaire, in all walks of life. So why should a counsellor need a counsellor? We are human, and humans make mistakes and lack perfection.

Troubled by some unfinished business in my life, I have had the fortune of knowing Priscilla for the past decade.

I will try to elaborate on my counselling experience with her.

What struck me most about Priscilla’s approach to counselling, was that she accommodated anybody with any issue/problem.

She is the perfect Rogerian example of Unconditional acceptance and Christ-like love for her fellow human being. She stays with the person, goes where he/she wants to go in the narrative; she highlights, cares, reflects and summarizes.

She has a brilliant memory and brings aspects together concerning the problem scenario. She allows you to duck and dive and not to talk about the real issue at hand, while she deals with the delaying tactics and brings calm into your spirit. Then, when you are ready, she will gently guide you to voice your own solution.

Indeed, a very selective, gentle and calming touch to restoration and healing in the counselling session.

She is a reliable, trustworthy and credible counsellor with a gentle spirit and a God-given discernment. I will recommend Cilla anytime.”

- MM -

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“Cilla Meintjes is a sophisticated lady, immensely clear-minded and humble to the core. If you like, have a look at the excellent service she provides.”

- Klaus Tonitz -

“My sadness was intense after I lost my daughter at the age of 10 and shortly thereafter my farm and livelihood. I did not know how to cope, and so alcohol became my friend which nearly cost me, my family. My wife booked me into the course without my knowledge and once I arrived, I had to participate although I wanted to leave. I decided to give it a day and then leave. Well, I never left and continued to complete the course which ran over a week. I knew this was my last resort as I faced the loss of my marriage as well. I found after the first three days that I had laughed out loud for the first time in years, something I could not recall doing for many years and could talk about my farm and how the loss of it affected me. It was liberating, to say the least. I also managed to talk about my little girl for the first time since she died and could mention her by name. I never spoke about her as the grief was too intense. I got my joy back and am now able to face each day as a new day. I can only thank God who through Priscilla touched my life. Thank you so much.”

- Mr M.D.T. from Onrus -

“Three years ago, I was sponsored to attend the Wellness Retreat after my marriage of 27 years had degenerated. Always being a family man, I was devastated to find myself replaced and my children taken away from me. When I left my home, I had in my possession a suitcase of basic clothing and nowhere to go. A friend took me in and assisted me in attending the Wellness Retreat which was held in Hermanus. Today, I work for a large shipping company and have travelled the world, have met wonderful people, and have managed to reconnect with my children. Thank you for what you did for me, it restored my faith, my humanity and changed my life and I will be eternally grateful.”

- Mr M. B. -

“I cannot believe how much fun I had and how much I learned about myself. I am relaxed for the first time in years. I must admit I was very sceptical at first, but during the course, I realized that I was facing and coming to terms with the loss of my marriage and with issues that I thought were solved long ago. I now know that I can move on and live a full and healthy life.”

- Mrs D.R. from Cape Town -