April 14, 2021 by Cilla

“What perpetuates depression and the feeling of hopelessness? 

It is that “thought process that you get stuck in which will debilitate you to a point of no return”.  It is a thought pattern and allows you to rummage around and around the same thing, hashing the same thought pattern over and repeatedly.”  Very much like a hamster on a wheel.  It gives you a reason to not have to “own your thought pattern.” 

This means that IF you never make the conscious decision to “own it” and try to change the thought pattern, you will never heal within yourself emotionally and physically and be forever trapped on the wheel. 

  • However, by becoming aware of this thought process people will often and constantly fight to derail it when it is possible and less damaging to seek a different path, one that will heal you. 
  • Once you recognize that this is a difficult path but not unsurpassable, it will empower you to seek the right solution instead of staying on the path of destruction. This is merely a path that is slightly rockier than the one you have been on but with the option of a solution. 

It is in fact anger from your past that you have never dealt with and it has contaminated your whole being.  It is the resentment over time that is the root cause of depression, anxiety, and sheer unwillingness to participate.  

People will often attribute this to procrastination, but this is not always the case.  When one procrastinates there is no desire to see fulfilment especially if it is a painful situation.  With the right help and dealing with the thoughts that put you on this path in the first place, you will be able to overcome these obstacles.

Life will not stop for your thoughts and procrastination.  It will not stop for your confusion or fear, it will continue regardless thereof.  In depression, it is FEAR which stops you from living a fulfilled life.  

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of rejection, when in fact you are self-rejecting.
  • Fear of not being accepted.
  •  The above leads to anxiety attacks, that will cripple you to the extent that you feel you are no longer capable and then just give up.  Simply because it becomes easier than trying to get up.  This will in the end debilitate you.  YOUR MIND WILL KILL YOU LONG BEFORE YOUR BODY IS READY TO GIVE UP!!!
  • The process, unfortunately, takes time and effort, and some do not think their life is important enough to fight for.  
    • So, they just give up and either commit suicide or lie on the bed in a vegetative state to only emerge when they absolutely must. 

The statement, I AM WILLING… immediately empowers you and propels you forward to the path of success. 

Success begins with your willingness to change your thought pattern and to participate in life and all it has to offer you. 

    • You need only to take baby steps at a time. 
    • Sometimes we will say we are procrastinators when in fact we are merely unwilling to participate.  

Why is that?  

  • This is where we need to understand the difference between being unmotivated or just not willing. i.e., disinterested.

Often it takes a worst-case scenario for us to begin making changes that support our health, relationships, career, family, and future, so…. Why wait?

  • We can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering, and then we can evolve to a state of joy and inspiration. 
  • All you need is to acknowledge the fact that you are able and WILLING, then start moving in the right direction.  ULTIMATELY YOUR CHOICE.



  1. Cilla het my deur n baie moeilike tyd in my lewe gedra…party dae het dit gevoel asof ek net nie meer kan nie. Het nog n lang pad wat gestap moet word…maar sy het my weer hoop gegee. Ek kan haar met alle eerlikheid aanbeveel. Sy is n vrou duisend en het n hart van goud!!!

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