How do we know we have an addiction problem?

April 21, 2021 by Cilla
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There are various forms of addictions and most of them cause mind-altering illnesses. They are the forerunners of “guilt and shame” in the addicted person. Addictions can cut you off from friends and family and cause isolation which in turn can lead to depression and affect your quality of life.

Various forms of addictions:

  • Substance abuse: various drugs and opioids, alcohol, smoking, food, glue-sniffing, cough syrup, Methylated spirits, etc.
  • Behavioural addictions: spending, hoarding, shopping, shoplifting, gambling, excess exercising, etc.
  • Sex-related addictions: pornography, voyeurism, erotica, masturbation, flirting, etc. 
  • Gadget addictions: internet, social media, cell phones, gaming etc. 

When the subject of addictions is broached, there is immediate silence. We live in stressful and uncertain times and most people are in emotional turmoil daily. Addictions occur for many reasons and the root cause varies. However, most people will go in denial about the sensitive subject and will rather ignore the problem, especially if they think they might have a problem and they have not yet discussed it with someone. To seek help when one is in turmoil seems to be the last thing to do, as we fear the stigma attached to mental health. Yet this is the exact time to address it before it becomes too large to handle. 

Most people think it is an embarrassment to have to admit that they need help in any area. However, it is the brave people that do seek help. If a substance or a habit controls your life, it is too dangerous a subject to ignore. 

What is classed as an addiction? 

If the behaviour controls you, then you have already formed the addiction and allowed it to take over your life. Your impulse tells you that you need the “fix” when your anxieties and fears take centre stage over your better judgment or reasoned decisions. If you need to first have that doughnut before facing a stressful situation, that glass of wine, tablet, or cigarette before your meeting, then you might be struggling with an addiction. 

Getting to the root of the addiction is the key to bringing a person lasting and genuine freedom. The root of most additions lies captured in childhood trauma and can be cured.

When there is a need for people to use some form of substance to either sleep or cope properly, then they should be aware that the red lights are flashing.

Please know that there is help available that can bring you freedom from the addiction and the guilt and shame that accompanies it. ♡

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