How to create a mindset that will help you accomplish the impossible

May 10, 2021 by Cilla
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How great are the consequences of living by the truth of your thoughts, have you ever thought about that? If you have, you would have realized that the consequences of your thoughts are so great that they create your reality.

We have been programmed to live by a set of memorized behaviours, so for us to overcome our body we need to continuously look at how we unconsciously absorb and project our thoughts. What are the emotional reactions to the things that happen to us? We need to be fully aware of that phase in our reaction as it is the difference between a healthy mind or an unhealthy mind which ultimately affects our physical body.
Today we are programmed by external factors to think in the negative. We are bombarded by the worst of humanity through gossip, fake news, real news, and no good news. Our thoughts run like computer programs behind the scenes of our conscious awareness and get stuck in a feeling of despair and hopelessness.

It is not enough to “think positive,” as most of us reside subconsciously in that negative space and find comfort in the negativity. We become in tune with it and that becomes all we accept, and we are okay with that. However, the damage to our physical body through our negative mindset is huge and all we do is “pop-a-pill” or “stick-the-Band-Aid” while subconsciously allowing the festering of emotional toxins to erode the soul and our whole being.

Stop the cycle of destruction in your life, as only YOU can.

We have the liberty to not have to settle for our present reality, but to create a new one in the positive whenever we choose to. It is within our collective ability. We all have that ability, because for better or worse, whether we even want to entertain the thought or not, our thought process is a most definite influence on our lives – sometimes to the pit of despair.

Please do not accept anything but the best for your life. Stop the mind erosion, and get help.

Now then – Are you up for the challenge to change your inner core and to live a life that is joyful and fulfilling?

2 thoughts on “How to create a mindset that will help you accomplish the impossible”

  1. There are many environmental and socio-economic factors in South-Africa and abroad, that systematically and deliberate had eroded our personal and society values., our Maslow’s Hierarchy and everything that Steven Covey (amongst others) tried to convey since the “good old days”. Even Christian values and the church seem to be of little practical support during the current signs and the times! It helps to talk to someone. To vent responsibly among new friends in similar challenges, detox and re plan a sustainable individual (and group) way forward. I would recommend the Artists Retreat opportunity, as I know the host and have read good reports abut the Artists Retreat before.

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