In Aid of Couples Counselling – A Different Kind of Lover.

July 13, 2021 by Cilla
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Today we face a real threat in our relationships. I am unable to portray it better than through a poem written by Gerri Di Somma and placed with his permission:

How can we live together, and yet be so far apart,
How did it all go so wrong, it wasn’t like this at the start.
When did we lose interest and drift from each other,
I can’t keep up this charade, it is such a bother.

I find myself competing with Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat,
then there is Instagram and don’t forget WhatsApp.
Each day I sit and play a game they called Solitaire
Which pretty much is my life, as you look at my vacant stare.

This is a different kind of leaving, how did it all go wrong,
I can’t live this lie, I need to find where I belong
This is a different kind of loving, and it’s killing me inside
I want to get back to where our love collides.

I hear you laugh and talk to your phone,
While driving you read your emails, Gmail, on your own.
Music has become the comfort of my heart,
We live together but are so far apart,
Songs played loud to drown out the strife,
when did you stop being my wife?

Leaving is not an option but the sadness is just so great,
We say we love each other, how did we get to this place,
So we find a way, to escape out on our own,
I suppose I am to blame as I drifted out on my own.

So let’s put down our smartphone, iPhone or any other.
And get back the sparkle in our lives that first made us lovers.
I am jealous of Facebook, Snapchat and all the others,
I cannot compete, they are a different kind of lover.

Author: Gerri Di Somma

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