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April 21, 2021 by Cilla
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“Early in my life, I have learnt that no matter who or what you are, you are bound to need the assistance of someone to face obstacles in your life.
Now, it so happens that I, the author of this referral, am a qualified Psychiatric Social Worker, though retired but have had my share of dealing with problems extraordinaire, in all walks of life. So why should a counsellor need a counsellor? We are human, and humans make mistakes and lack perfection.

Troubled by some unfinished business in my life, I have had the fortune of knowing Priscilla for the past decade.

I will try to elaborate on my counselling experience with her.

What struck me most about Priscilla’s approach to counselling, was that she accommodated anybody with any issue/problem.

She is the perfect Rogerian example of Unconditional acceptance and Christ-like love for her fellow human being. She stays with the person, goes where he/she wants to go in the narrative; she highlights, cares, reflects and summarizes.

She has a brilliant memory and brings aspects together concerning the problem scenario. She allows you to duck and dive and not to talk about the real issue at hand, while she deals with the delaying tactics and brings calm into your spirit. Then, when you are ready, she will gently guide you to voice your own solution.

Indeed, a very selective, gentle and calming touch to restoration and healing in the counselling session.

She is a reliable, trustworthy and credible counsellor with a gentle spirit and a God-given discernment. I will recommend Cilla anytime.”

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