October 04, 2021 by Cilla

Why would you want to give away your power? 

Why would you choose to let the people that hurt you, control you for the rest of your life? I am sure if you knew the damage it can do to you, you will no longer allow it. It is okay to lick your wounds, but be careful that you do not wallow in the hurt and become stuck there. None of us has the gift to see into the future, so we need to be kind to ourselves. If you have made a wrong choice or a wrong decision, do not allow the decision to validate you.

Lives that interweave are bound to lead to some stage of disappointment. We are all fallible. By bad business deals where we lose everything in the form of material things. Wrong partnerships, a lost relationship where we trusted the wrong people. It may be a myriad of reasons. However, our reaction to the incidents is where the problem occurs. We allow these incidents to consume our minds and allow the person to control our thoughts, our actions and most probably our trust in our next relationships or business deals without them lifting a finger. 

We then decide to break all ties, but we carry the angry thoughts of the person or incident with us all the time. We coddle the hurt and resentment. If we see them, we recall the incident and all the emotions come flooding back. The other person does not even give it a thought as they have moved on long ago, but we have held onto the hurt or humiliation and allowed them to control our lives through no further action on their part but purely by our own choice not to let go. We have allowed them to weigh us down to a point where we allow our grudges and revengeful thoughts to control and consume us, and we often never realize the negative impact it has on our lives. We suffer from emotional distress, which leads to anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, and eventually maybe a life-threatening disease that will in turn impact the people we love. 

Really? We need to ask ourselves whether this is a winning situation and in whose favour?

NO… This is unbelievably bad for your mind, soul, and overall, your physical well-being. So, what is the best way to manage it so that we turn the situation around and become the victors instead of the victims?

Simple, you let it GO and walk away. I can hear you all say, NO, SORRY, NOT POSSIBLE, but you have forgotten to look at the impact of your choice concerning the incident. 

This is easier said than done, but if you know why you need to do it, it becomes a no-brainer and easy to understand. You will embrace the change as you will experience the freedom of letting go. 

Anger is like a festering boil that grows like a monkey on your back and takes over your whole persona and eventually controls your life. It steals your joy and makes you miserable all the time. It also makes you ill as it affects your blood sugar levels, your blood pressure, your heart, your organs and can grow like cancer as it eats you alive. ALL THIS FOR SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT EVEN CARE WHETHER YOU EXIST OR NOT.

If you learn to deal with the anger and set it aside, you will free yourself and no longer be controlled by the people who hurt you. Underneath the tip of the anger (that most people are unaware of) lies a wealth of negative emotions with negative side effects. It is bound together like iron balls on a chain and grows heavier as it accumulates and as you drag it along. It weighs you down and destroys you eventually as it consumes your whole life and takes over your personality. This in turn will eventually alienate you from the people that mean the most to you.


Now, do you still believe that you are at the winning end by holding on to all this negativity?

Is this how you want to live for the rest of your life?




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