June 25, 2021 by Cilla

Living with chronic pain presents daily challenges and may cause an individual to feel a lack of personal control. Art therapy addresses this issue by using interventions that promote opportunities for problem-solving, decision-making, and personal empowerment. Therapy without the art is just as effective and will assist where a person is on the path of medical exploration regarding the symptoms of an illness.

Pain is the first sign in our bodies that we are out of sync with nature and ourselves. The body will manifest that which the brain experiences in the form of emotional trauma and turn it into physical pain. To use an example – if you have a sore throat and your jaw aches, you are experiencing inner stress and are not addressing the issues because you are not voicing it, the body will manifest this into a physical ailment to get relief. The natural route is to get something to ease the sore throat, and it will assist with some of the symptoms for a short while, but it will return again and again. This will occur until the real issue is addressed. Every time we are subject to any trauma or any form of abuse to our mind and body, we experience it on a far deeper level than we can comprehend. It is literally as if the brain has a checklist and with every traumatic experience, it makes a tick for future reference. 

It is proven that most illnesses stem from unresolved issues and if people can tap into the right information, they will be able to heal or halt the illness before it manifests. However, we must address the root of the symptoms. Most illnesses stem from trauma and mental toxins. These mental toxins are issues not dealt with through various traumatic experiences that we have gone through, whether it was as a child or recently as an adult. Inner child wounds and natural trauma that the body has experienced through time would shape the adult and any trauma that goes unresolved will become deep-seated issues that will fester, and the body will react to it through illness. 

When a person starts to experience pain or get diagnosed with an illness such as MS, Cancer, Diabetes or any auto-immune disease, the first course of action is to place the person on medication or treatment to control the symptoms. Although this is necessary and the normal plan of action, it is merely crisis management. We have been programmed to accept medication as the norm. Dr Terry Wahls is living proof of the fact that medication is not always the only answer. She has addressed issues and changed her whole lifestyle to the point where she managed to turn her illness from debilitating, where she was wheelchair-bound, to being able to cycle and regain her life. You can read her story here

Investigating the source of any illness or addiction should be one of the first courses of action. Addiction is also an illness that has a root cause, morphing into various symptoms.   

Let us help you explore the source of your illness before or while you explore the general symptoms and receive medical help or medication.


  1. I can really relate to this description. As a counsellor, I have often encountered exactly the same what is described here. Being a counsellor and assisting others with their pain and trauma, does not exonerate you from similar pain. We are all human, flesh and blood – and we are all going through similar challenges.

    As soon as we suppress our emotions/conflict/worries, our bodies keep score. I have often experienced a spastic colon; burning in my stomach, heart palpitations. Instead of working through this by voicing it, it is much more ‘private’ to take medication to further conceal your state of mind from others. It only enhances the problem and the long term after effects of ‘hiding away in our misery’ may become colossal.

    Cilla has been in this field for many years, and I have experienced her honest, empathic, therapeutic approach. She has brought great relief whenever I encounter an emotional hiccup.

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